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Saros lights

Heaven 3D Interiors being the official sales partner of Saros deign provides custom made lighting build from Stretch ceiling membranes, We make respective calculations for customer-specific lighting fixture designs in Pakistan on behalf of Saros Design Germany

SAROS DESIGN experience in lighting includes interior design solutions. With in-house design lighting fixtures combine all the advantages of the stretch ceiling technology, steel work and LED lighting.

SAROS DESIGN offers manufacture of lighting fixtures in any shape and structure starting from 1 meter in size; the fixtures can be used to illuminate rooms from 10 to 100 meter square in area. A personal touch can be added by applying a full-coloured image on the light diffuser.

A special embedded parts system is used to attach lighting fixtures to the original ceiling. This system makes it possible to attach fixtures both directly onto slabs and with suspension wires. Lighting fixtures up to 2 m do not require any special installation skills.

Saros light on Lahore

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