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Metal Looking Epoxy Metallic Floor Epoxy Flooring Ideas

Using metallic epoxy resins coating system on floors. Interior design doesn’t always have to be something you just can’t wait to be done with. If you’re decorating your new home or you’ve decided to redecorate a place where you live – stop for a second and consider this amazing black epoxy metallic floor.

It’s three-dimensional look, and brushed structure makes it fantastically unique in an uninformed “cookie-cutter” market today. Depending on your needs and preferences, we’re sure you can include it in at least one room in your house and make it reflect your personality even better than before.

A shiny surface and top coat with mirrored effect make for a fantastic home workspace coatings product. This brushed black floor will look fantastic in any home office or other small workspaces with modern interior and furniture. It goes great with black, as well as with the wooden surfaces. The shiny reflection gives it a necessary dose of glamor that will increase the professional feeling you get in your workspace that you can’t get with standard floor paint. One step in the room with this kind of floor will leave everyone breathless and wonder what other surprises you may have for them and look for 3d floor murals.

Besides the attractive looks, epoxy metallic floors are also known for their durability so they’re suitable for heavy use – like in garage workshops, for example. The process of installation is very quick and what’s maybe the most important to you, the cleaning is extremely easy. There are no hidden places for the dirt to get into and give you troubles while cleaning; you can be sure that your floor will always be perfectly clean with minimal effort for this floor epoxy and floor art murals.

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                                  epoxy metallic slate 2.8MSL                                             epoxy metallics royal blue 2.8MRB

epoxy metallic mahogany 2.8MMA  epoxy metallic copper 2.8MCO

The advantages go further: if you work with some kind of chemicals, an epoxy floor is a perfect choice because of its complete resistance to them. This makes a metallic floor a wonderful option for a wide variety of in-house working areas be they for carpentry or car repair.
On top of everything, installing this black epoxy metallic floor coating system is one of the most cost-effective solutions for anybody. The price itself is pretty affordable, but considering all the advantages it has over some other kinds of flooring, the calculation is clear – this is one of the best investments you will ever make, whether you want it for your kitchen and bath areas, living rooms and sitting rooms or your personal garage and basement workspaces.
Note: Now while the Dura-Kote Metallic floors are not the easiest to apply, there is no WRONG way to do the design portion of this since it’s entirely up to you and how you want your garage or basement floor to look! And remember that these instructions are just a quick and dirty list of “how-to” steps – for a more detailed set of instructions, check out the tech data sheet for each of the products used in the procedure. And remember, DIY home remodel projects are supposed to be fun! So don’t get too worked up about all the little things! Just floors coatings that are great! Also perfect for garages epoxy floors to make a statement using this epoxy system garage floor paint.

Step 1. Floor Preparation for the Epoxy System:

First, you’ve got to make sure your surface is TOTALLY clean, solid and free of all dust and debris.

Step 2. Apply the Colored Epoxy Base Coat:

Use the base coat for your metallic floor – we suggest either our Dura-Kote Water Based Colored Epoxy or Pigmented Epoxy in black or at least a very dark color, even for epoxy garage floor surfaces.

Step 3. Preparation for Metallic Coating:

Once the prime coat has cured through, the floor needs to be screened with a 100 grit sanding screen and all subsequent dust and debris vacuumed off the surface.

Making a 3D Epoxy Metallic Floor Step by Step Floor Epoxy 3D floors
Making a 3D Epoxy Metallic Floor Step by Step Floor Epoxy 3D floors

Step 4. Mixing and Applying Metallic Reflective Coating:

Now you’re ready to apply your desired Epoxy Metallic pearls using the Epoxy sealer.  The typical mixing ratio is (1) 16oz canister of metallic pearls per 3 gallons of catalyzed product.  This must be mechanically mixed with a drill and a paddle mixer. Now it’s time to pour out your sealer on the floor in a fairly long trail (ribbon) and spread it around the way you like!  This part is really up to you and how you want the design of your floor to look.  Just make sure you’re wearing spiked shoes while you do it even while doing epoxy floor coating floors.

Step 5. Apply Clear Top Coat Protection:

Once that last very beautiful coating of epoxy metallic has cured out, we highly recommend applying a top coat or “sacrificial” coat of sealer to make sure your new floor lasts a VERY long time and is just as durable as it is pretty.  Once again, the floor needs to be screened with a 100 grit sanding screen, and all subsequent dust and debris vacuumed off the surface. This can be done with a wide variety of  Polyaspartic line

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