Commercial & Industrail Epoxy Flooring

Commercial & Industrail Epoxy Flooring

8 Benefits of Having Commerical & Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating

by Pooyan Sajjadi | Jun 28, 2018 | Ultimate Guides |

Over the years, epoxy floor coatings have received many positive reviews from homeowners and business professionals alike.

Though there is a wide variety of floor finish choices, epoxy flooring remains one of the best options for industrial and commercial facilities.

However, there are few options available for flooring of a warehouse.

The cheapest option for a short time is to just simply leave it as it is.

In the long run, though, this option will be the most expensive solution.

I will try to cover epoxy flooring benefits comparing to the other common flooring solutions, concrete sealers.

1. Enhanced appearance

Your warehouse doesn’t need a cool design and creative décor.

But it must look professional.

Available in a wide range of colours and styles, epoxy floor coatings can cover the boring, ugly concrete floor along with minor imperfections, such as superficial cracks, making it more appealing.

If you go for a high-gloss finish, not only will it add class and elegance, but it will also make your warehouse look well maintained.
2. Ease of maintenance

Besides improving the appearance of your warehouse, an epoxy coating will transform your regular concrete floor into a non-porous, smooth, stain-repellent surface that can easily be wiped free of dust, dirt, and debris.

Furthermore, you no longer have to worry about the bacteria that typically hide in porous concrete surfaces.
Moping the floor with an antimicrobial solution is all that it takes to get a sparkling, contaminant-free floor.

Compared to impregnating concrete sealers, epoxy coating is much easier to be cleaned and maintained.
3. Impressive durability

This one is quite straightforward.

There is little doubt that epoxies are much more durable than any sealer.

Epoxy floor coatings deliver some hard-wearing, durable flooring solutions that can withstand intense foot traffic as well as normal warehouse equipment like forklifts without showing any signs of wear and tear.

Industrial epoxy flooring solutions also have a long lifespan and make concrete floors chemical resistant, saving businesses thousands of dollars in floor repairs.
4. Cost-effectiveness

Because epoxy flooring is less expensive, lasts longer, and resists impact damage much better than other floor finishes, it’s the most cost-effective flooring option for warehouses.

Additionally, epoxy flooring reflects light, reducing lighting costs, and can be applied to different thicknesses, which makes it appropriate for a wide range of applications.
5. Increased productivity

Allowing for faster inventory movement through the warehouse, minimizing machine breakdown along with employee downtime, and reflecting light to improve brightness in working areas by up to 300 per cent, epoxy flooring can substantially increase the productivity in your warehouse.
6. Improved safety

Developed with safety in mind, epoxy flooring products are resistant to slippage, fire, and impact.

You can also use different colours to define specific zones in your warehouses, such as forklift traffic zones, work zones, and safety zones.

In addition, applying an epoxy coating to your concrete floors will help prevent concrete dusting, which results from the disintegration of the porous, unsealed concrete floor surface under traffic.

Besides collecting on inventory items and damaging equipment, concrete dust poses real health risks to workers.
7. Minimum business disruption

Epoxy floor coatings are easy and fast to install, which means that you don’t have to interrupt your business operations for a long time.

As soon as the floor dries out completely, you can resume your regular warehouse activities.
8. Eco-friendliness

The last option is actually true for almost all of the solutions for warehouse flooring.

However, considering the importance of the matter, I thought it must be mentioned and discussed.

Epoxy floor coatings deliver some environmentally friendly flooring solutions that make “going green” easy and affordable.

Waterborne epoxy resins and 100% solid resins are two chief environmentally-friendly solutions.

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