Stretch ceiling a Moisture resistant Ceiling

Stretch ceiling a Moisture resistant Ceiling

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Armands Lusis

We suppose you have heard that stretch ceilings hold water, so if your inattentive neighbors  arrange the flood, it won’t cause damage to you and your stretch ceiling. This is not just perfect flat surface without defects; in addition you have a guarantee to avoid the flood from the top. Unfortunately, floods not rare thing. Linen is made of very solid material which passed special treatment. It is very elastic and during the heating stretch very good, meanwhile very strong.

Maybe you even don’t believe, but stretch ceilings can hold inside about 100 liters by 1 square meter. Consequently, if your room is 14 square meter the stretch ceiling will hold about 1400 liters. Now you are wonder what happens with the ceiling. Everything is simple the linen is sagged. It isn’t torn or cracked. Sometimes it might sag till the floor and protect your house from a large amount of water. Of course if you are at home at the moment of the flood you will take measures. But imagine that you are in vacation and it happens in your absence. Stretch ceilings will help in this case.

After the flood it is needed to remove the water from the stretch ceilings. Don’t try to do anything by yourself. Ask about it professionals, who knows how to remove the water correctly. Even more don’t worry that ceiling will lose its shape or on it will appear stains. Professionals will improve everything and after that you will continue admiration of the beautiful and useful stretch ceiling. Now you shouldn’t even think about your inattentive neighbors. Stretch ceiling takes care about your interior and anxiety of water from the top. We have checked it.

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