Stretch ceilings and its advantages

       Armands Luis

We can talk about advantages of stretch ceilings endlessly. But it is impossible mention it when the customer choose from – plastic coatings, suspended structures or stretch ceilings. Undoubtedly he will learn in detail advantages and disadvantages of every variant. Meanwhile, not for everyone are of importance the price, renovation is doing not for one year, that is why there is reason make such kind of investigate. Moreover it is investment for your comfort. While you learn about ceilings decoration more, you will certainly think about its disadvantages. Of course you need to know about it all possible information. Let’s try look into together, so what is good and bad about stretch ceilings. We are going on with pleasant thing. You decide to create something unusual, you are not happy with ordinary ceiling and you want a perfect match of all interior’s details – stretch ceilings will be good decision for audacious experiments. There you can choose from endless range of colours, a great number of arts and ways of decoration. So it is the first plus of stretch ceilings. Touching stretch ceiling’s material you might have any doubts about its solidity. We assure you that floods it’s nothing for these ceilings. It will be a pleasure to the eye even if the cork of champagne flies unexpectedly off. Another advantage is installation takes just several hours. It means that you won’t see any dust or debris. And after you have ideal ceiling. Doesn’t it is a dream? After some time you have a question, how to clean it. This is no need in it. However if happens that on your ceiling appear a stain, just use wet sponge. This is will be enough. Even more, stretch ceilings are ecological and noise proof. But we want to be objective and even there are a mass of advantages, there is only one drawback. However it is only one we should tell about it. Do you the principle of installation? Linen is heated and stretched after cooling. Now imagine what happens with stretch ceilings in sauna. They just sag because of high temperature. Fortunately, there is a lot of variant of finishing in such kind of rooms. And now think order or nor the stretch ceilings. Do you still have any doubts?



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