Stretch Ceilings and Walls, A modern way of interior decoration

Stretch ceilings is one of contemporary types of suspended ceiling, so learn how to use Stretch ceilings in the modern interior design and apartment, stretch ceiling with stretched canvas and technology of suspended ceiling installation and stretch ceiling designs systems
Technology stretch ceiling finishes became known builders and was used by them only a decade ago, and immediately became the most popular way of finishing.
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Stretch ceiling in the modern interiors:

The benefits of installing suspended ceilings in the apartment condition

Very quick and easy suspended ceiling installation of the cover. Unlike all previous alignments ceiling surface in preparation for the headlining stretched canvas is not necessary to make a pre-purchase materials – mortars, gupsum board ceilings and other things. The easiest way is just to call a specialist selected firm, discuss the shape of the stretch ceiling product, the location and type of ceiling lightining elements fabric, decide on the time of commencement of work. Furniture and other belongings can be left in the room, as the installation is done without dust and construction waste. When you receive an order measurer can offer to move from the walls to the center of the room, some tall objects. It can make or the customer, or the master of the company (by arrangement)
Stretch ceiling installation takes less than four hours. It all depends on the area of the room and the level of complexity tension structure.
Thus, it is possible in a comfortable environment for the occupants in stages over several days to perform finish all the rooms of the apartment.
 Stretch ceilings acceptable cost for customers with different income levels. It should be remembered that the most cost-effective option would be a single-level ceiling, made of matte, satin or glossy vinyl film produced domestically, and each new level in a multilevel ceiling designs increases the amount of the order.

Operational life of the stretch ceiling finish is at least 50 years of age. Materials used for the manufacture of fabrics, – synthetic knitted fabric impregnated with a polymer and polyvinyl chloride film able to for many years to maintain its technical and decorative qualities. Stretch ceilings never sag, retain their original color, not moldy, and film their version – does not get wet. On the ceiling surface can not form cracks. Even with the shrinkage of the building stretched ceiling fabric remains the same perfectly smooth as before.

Stretch ceiling requires minimal maintenance. In the case of pollution, Stretch ceilings can be washed, as well as vinyl wallpaper. And so – enough to clean dust cloth.
Film stretched canvas is convenient to use in areas at risk of flooding in an emergency water supply stretch ceiling system from the neighbors above or in the flow of the roof of a private home . In this situation, all the water collected on the inner part of the stretch coating which can withstand it in an amount of up to one hundred liters per square meter of surface. When this film is stretched, but not torn. A small amount of water is often not require draining. Liquid gradually evaporates leaving no traces on the suspended ceiling. A large amount of help drain the master of the installer. He will handle the special fabric with a heat gun so that it will look like new.

Modern technology provides the ability to mount the tensioning structure even in the low of large apartment houses. The canvas is mounted 4-5 inches from the ground level of the ceiling, which is significantly different from the technology installation suspended plasterboard ceiling systems. Visual loss of five centimeters height of the room is almost negligible.
Especially, the use of special materials, in particular, glossy vinyl ceiling film with its smooth surface, creates the effect of a more spacious room.
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When stretch ceiling decoration should consider temperature. Where in the winter can be turned off the heating system will optimally use fabric stretched canvas that perfectly withstand temperature from – 40 to + 50 They are most in demand for the finishing residential and commerical spaces
For heated rooms – apartments, shops , salons and living room, kitchens, kids room, bathroom , restaurants, hotels – enough to choose vinyl stretched canvas matching color and texture. Installers ceilings usually offer as a minimum version of matt, satin and gloss canvas in different colors. Major stretch ceiling suppliers can offer more options- like a translucent vinyl film, “metallic”, suede.

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