Stretch Ceilings Interior Decoration in India by Newmat


Stretch Ceiling Technology for Enchanting Interior CeilingsStretch Ceilings for Interior Decoration Newmat

Newmat Stretch ceilings India are manufactured in an international standard and provides to all over in India with installation. Newmat has become one of the world’s largest manufacturer and installer of branded stretch ceilings which is extended from France with more than 27 years of experience in interior ceiling installation, we supply and provide installation of stretchable PVC membranes all over in India. our office is situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra .

Newmat provides customers a very large collection of stretch ceiling designs to make enchanting interior decorating solution for home, office and large commercial areas like Theatre or Opera house, Auditorium and more. Installing stretched ceilings can help to increase elegance of the room and can feel more space in the room or in an open floor space.

Our PVC Stretching fabrics are manufactured and imported from France for giving significant role in designing your interior ceilings with elegance. The ceiling fabrics constitute of a thin PVC film stretched within a profile. This system can create custom curves, angles, domes and other various shapes according to the end user.

Custom Image Printed Stretch Ceiling

Newmat offers their customers with various styles and designs like Sky or Wordings for the better finishes in interior decoration. From Newmat, customers can get their photos printed on the stretch fabric that can be used in the room ceiling or on the wall according to the customer’s choice. For the custom image printing, we required the image in the following Format: JPG, TIF, EPS or AI (Vectorized images will give better results) and Resolution: 300 dpi minimum (original image), images having low resolution saved under a higher resolution cannot be used for printing.

Newmat products combines aesthetics, design and quality from a strong concept and can be of any color, finish such as satin, mat, translucent etc. Stretched ceiling technology is an essential part of modern interior designing. A Newmat stretch ceiling can be easily installed in a few hours, without need of structural work or relocating the work site.

Mirodal Hanging Light Panels

Newmat offers ceiling light panel which can be used as hangable light panel with customized color, shape, and even custom printed. Mirodal light panels are made up of white powdered aluminum frame covered with PVC stretchable membrane. Mirodal also covering custom image printed fabric and square, round or custom shape to a limited width, which can be mounted to wall or to the interior ceiling.


Acoustic Stretch Ceiling Membranes

Acoustic membranes can help to reduce the noise or the echoing of the sound and will maintain an acoustic comfort that is suitable for conference hall, theatre and other personal interested areas. The customized image printed stretch ceilings will be a compliment for an elegant interior design to attract your guests and visitors.

The New Light Stretch Ceiling allow you the play with lighting since it is made as Translucent membrane which helps to pass light at different transmission rates. As a result your interior ceiling is transformed into a luminous space, allowing designs limited only by your imagination.

Stretch Ceilings for Interior Decoration Newmat

Newmat PVC Stretch Ceilings are CE certified and environmentally friendly, practical, trouble free, lasting, and sound & energy efficient, non-flammable, waterproof, durable, dust free, and easy for cleaning. Consequently, the installed membrane can be easily installed and removed, without leaving any damage to the ceiling and can be installed in few hours without need of structural work or relocating from the work site.

Newmat ceiling panels incorporate with LED lighting elements or custom printed images or 3D structure for creating an enchanting interior. A backlit ceiling can create starry effect on your room. False ceiling is now become an integral part of modern living as well as in the field of architecture and interior decoration.

False ceiling is a secondary ceiling hangs under the main roof ceiling and it is also called as Drop Ceiling or Suspended Ceiling. False ceiling has thermal insulation properties which can helps to maintain soundproof in the room and which also provides good lighting for your office or home interiors.

BIO PRUF Treatment of Stretched Ceiling

Thanks to the antimicrobial and antifungal treatments integrated into the very core of the stretched ceiling membrane, the NEWMAT Bio Pruf process insures an excellent hygiene, all the while looking great and it is endorsed by the public authorities. This interior decoration product can be used in more wet conditions were like in kitchens and bathroom.

*All stretch ceiling systems must comply with the European standard EN-14716 and be trademarked CE and delivered through Newmat certified interior decoration stores.

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