What kind of Stretch Ceilings are there

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Deciding to order the stretch ceiling you think about more popular glossy, light colour linen. And that is true this kind of stretch ceilings is in demand. Partly it is due to its universality and price. Glossy ceiling will look great almost everywhere. It is visually widened the space and don’t need substitution, if you decide to change walls’ colour or something else in your design. In other words if you interested in practical and economical variant this is for you.

But not for everyone is enough ordinary ceiling, if you wish shadows and highlights – matt linen is best choice. Moreover, it is not less universal than previous variant. What is more, we will tell you about unusual textures if you avoid widespread and traditional decisions. Your design in high tech style and you don’t like classic, prefer to amaze and attract attention. This is especially for you – “metallic” texture. Glossy with deep colours and very bright linen will make the ceiling not the part of design but its main detail. Maybe you prefer elegance. So new sateen texture is incarnated in itself subtlety and noble luxury. Rarely will you find such kind of stretch ceilings, because it will suit only for special design. Natural texture is for progressive natures who likes contemporary tendency. Nowadays, it is rather modern.

No one will guess that it is stretch ceiling because it reproduces texture of real wood, leather or fabric. A stretch ceiling in moiré style is innovation from manufacturer. This linen is iridescent, looks expensive and style. If your dream is to live in apartment of a queen, order this new kind of stretch ceiling for bedroom. Are you interested in frescos? So we can recommend you stretch ceiling with photocopying. Now it is possible to make a copy of your favourite painting on the ceiling. And everyone will be amazed who made it masterpiece. Choosing stretch ceilings with unusual texture you will need to wait before the linen will order and deliver to you. Such kind of embellishment isn’t affordable for everyone.

We live just once, that is why make yourself a present!


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